Rockcut Temple

Front view of the rock-cut temple

After many days working, I felt tired and boring being at home so decided to go somewhere where I can feel relaxed and peaceful. I knew about the rock-cut temple and decided to go there early in the morning. I woke up early in the morning and prepared veg Pulav, Sabji, and bought Tibetan bread (Phgleb) from in front of the His Holiness the Dalai Lama temple(Tsuglagkhang) and other things packed in the beg.

We four people (Ven. Tsewang Dorje Lame, Pratibha Bauddha, and Saurabh Bauddha) started the journey towards the masroor or rock-cut temple. The road was quite good but zig-zag. We went through villages, mountains where we can see green wheat fields, yellow mustard flowers, potatoes, vegetable fields, cows, dogs, and traditional Himachali houses. We reached there after almost 2 hours drive. We took tickets and enter the temple.

Carving on the wall

when I saw these carvings on the wall, I thought about the carving on the walls of Ajanta and Elora’s caves situated near Aurangabad, Maharashtra. this temple or building is also made on one huge rock. So in my mind, a doubt arises whether this temple also belongs to Buddhist tradition?

Remainings of the pillars

These pillars are looks like the Ashokan pillars. the great king Ashoka erected thousands of the pillars in India(ancient India), especially where there were Buddhist monuments like Vihara, Stupa, or education centers.

Statues on the rock

When I saw these statues carved on the rock, I felt these statues like Avlokiteswaras or Buddha or Budhisattavas. Although I am not a historian so I can’t claim exactly, I can guess only by my imaginations that these statues or carvings might be of Buddha, Avlokiteshwara, or Boddhisattavas.

Carving on the rock

Ven.Tsewang Dorje La felt the same as I felt. He said that these statues look like Chenrezig or Avalokiteshvara. This carving was done in the 8th century. for more information given on Wikipedia, please visit on

Meditation and view

the place was so peaceful. the temple is facing towards Himalaya Dhauladhar range. from the temple, the snow mountains can be seen clearly. We also did a few minutes of meditation and felt positive energy there. I would like to suggest going there and seeing this beautiful place and feeling some positive energy. There are no good restaurants where can eat. There is a small tea stall. So better take the food along with you.

Note-these are my own views and not claiming what I said above.

©all pictures and stories were written by kailash Chandra Bauddha

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